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Exclusivity with a cause is the best way to describe Just Kidding Clothing. Our cause is provisions for local homeless youth. Your purchase provides one fresh meal for one hungry child/teenager in your area. We power this cause by the design and distribution of limited collection apparel. Each item is one of only hundreds, this stuff is exclusive. Just Kidding Clothing, a company created by the 20 year old minds of two Minnesota boys!... and yes, your order will arrive in the trademark Just Kidding Clothing Pizza Box.



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Just Kidding Clothing, Minnesota Clothing

We are very excited to announce that for the first time in 3 years, Just Kidding Clothing will now be available to stores as a retail product! We took our time before letting Just Kidding Clothing be sold in stores so we could make sure the company had a solid foundation. It has been an amazing 3 years!! Thank you fam. Email Travis@JustKiddingClothing.com if you have a store that you would like to see Just Kidding Clothing in! YEAH BUDDAY! 

Just Kidding Clothing, Minnesota Clothing

Snapback Collection..... Now available!!

Just Kidding Snapbacks

Just Kidding Clothing, MN, Snapback

Just Kidding Snapback Collection is in! These exclusive pieces of headwear have been created at limited numbers… CHECK THEM HERE!



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